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What makes us different

Our people – focusing on service

At GSH Waste Recycling Ltd we know that the right team is essential to any business. We take pride in our team of highly skilled experts who provide unquestionable customer service.

Every member of the GSH Waste Recycling team is trained and provided with the right knowledge and skills to ensure that all enquires on all aspects of waste management are appropriately dealt with.

Customer service & support

GSH’s business is structured and focused to meet our clients' requirements and deliver total customer satisfaction. We set high standards and targets throughout the sales, solutions delivery and customer services departments to ensure that our service performs at the highest possible level.

Involving our customers

By focusing on our customers' needs and understanding what is important to them, we look to involve the whole team in a process of continuous improvement.

We will do this by:

  • Regularly asking our customers for their opinions about our service
  • Keeping customers informed at all times about the services we provide to them
  • Providing transparent reporting on environmental data
  • Constantly investing in skills and technology to improve our waste solutions offering

The environment & sustainability

The countryside and our environment are facing ever more pressures concerning waste, space, and the use of raw materials. The recovery of sorted materials is the mainstay of GSH Waste Recycling Ltd business operations which, in itself, is underpinned by the principle of sustainable recycling.

GSH Waste Recycling Ltd is committed to the continuous improvement of their environmental performance through the progressive implementation of the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) ISO 14001, within their Integrated Management System.

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