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Recycled Baled Clear Film

/media/recycling/library/clearfilm.jpgAt our waste transfer station in Cheshire our recycling team separate all clear and coloured plastic film from other recovered waste to be baled and sent for recycling and begin a second life as new products.

Plastic film is usually thin packaging, examples include supermarket bags, dustbin bags, box packaging and plastic wrap. Plastic film provides 6% of all packaging and 33% of flexible packaging which includes paper bags and cellophane.

The environmental choice

Plastic film is non-biodegradable and will sit in landfill sites for years. All plastics are made from petroleum, a fossil fuel that could run out within 40 years if present consumption rates continue.

We believe in reusing valuable resources through efficient recycling of materials including clear and coloured film. At our state of the art facility in the North West we produce clear film and jazz bales for use in new manufacturing processes and we export these bales throughout Europe, The Middle East and South East Asia.

Our ultimate aim is to send zero waste to landfill through effective and efficient recycling processes.

Investing in new technology

We believe that by investing in the latest technology we can divert as much waste from landfill as possible and lower your carbon footprint. With a dedication to providing optimum total waste management solutions and friendly customer service, you can be sure we offer the best solution for your requirements.

GSH Waste Recycling are a fully licensed waste carrier and hold ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 accreditations. We provide total waste management solutions to companies throughout Cheshire and Merseyside from our state of the art transfer and recycling facility in Widnes.

Environmental reporting

GSH provide clients with waste management and environmental reports to BREEAM standard. Each individual container / skip is assessed and weighed, the contents are analysed and the percentages of materials and recyclables are comprehensively detailed in the report for use in your site management plan.

FREE Waste Audit & latest legislation advice

We offer advice and information on the latest legislation and demands being placed on UK businesses, please contact us or call 0151 424 4079 to discuss ways that we help your business or request a FREE no obligation waste audit from one of our specialists.

Recycled Baled Cardboard

Fully compliant and sustainable baled cardboard recycling solutions for business.

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Baled Cardboard

Recycled Baled UPVC

Efficient, cost effective recycling of valuable waste material including baled UPVC & low grade plastics.

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Baled UPVC
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