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Recycled Aggregates

/media/recycling/library/exc4.jpgGSH Waste Recycling have large volumes of quality recycled aggregates available.

Recycled aggregate materials range from screened topsoil, sandfill, 0 - 4mm fine sand, 0 - 6mm coarse sand, 6 - 20mm pipe bedding and 20 - 100 mm clean stone.  GSH Aggregate products are all certified to industry standards and relevant grading certificates can be supplied.

Grundy & Co Excavations

All aggregate products are produced by our sister company Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd at state of the art facilities in the North West of England.

Grundy & Co Excavations Ltd offer the construction industry a full range of wrap quality protocol recycled aggregates, washed sands & soils. All products are produced at their fully licenced site in Widnes and most raw material is sourced and collected from the Merseyside and Cheshire areas to minimise their carbon footprint.

The Process

  • /media/recycling/library/exc3.jpgRaw material is pre sorted to ensure that unwanted materials do not enter the recycling process.
  • Two main processes are used, namely dry crushing and washing. 
  • These systems produce high quality recycled products that meet tight industry specifications.
  • Aggregates and sands are rigorously tested on a regular basis by an external testing house so you can be confident that the products you purchase will exactly match your project requirements.

If you need more detailed information about aggregate products and their uses we have a dedicated Quantity Surveyor who can advise and support your project where required.

Contact us today

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss the recycled aggregates we produce and how we can help you and your project.

Recycled Washed Aggregates – all graded & wrap protocol


MOT     20mm Down Sandfill 

/media/recycling/library/exc5.jpgGRADE 1 Top Soil  

GRADE 2 Top Soil   


Washed Aggregates

0 - 4mm Fine Sand     

0 - 6mm Course Sand 


Pipe Bedding

6mm - 10mm Pipe Bedding    

10 mm - 20mm Pipe Bedding

20 - 40mm   Clean Stone 

45 - 100mm Clean Stone 

Recycled Baled Cardboard

Fully compliant and sustainable baled cardboard recycling solutions for business.

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Baled Cardboard

Recycled Baled Clear Film

We produce clear film and jazz bales for use in new manufacturing processes and export across the world.

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Baled Clear Film

Recycled Baled HD/PP

We recover, segregate and recycle a variety of plastic material, including HD & PP in bales.

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Baled HD/PP

Recycled Baled UPVC

Efficient, cost effective recycling of valuable waste material including baled UPVC & low grade plastics.

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Baled UPVC
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