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Equal opportunities statement

Equal opportunities policy

GSH Waste Recycling Ltd is an equal opportunities employer. This means that it is the Company's policy that there should be no discrimination against or harassment of any employee or job applicant either directly or indirectly on the grounds of:

  • Race, colour, nationality or national or ethnic origin ("race");
  • Sex or marital status;
  • Disability (e.g., a long term mental or physical impairment);
  • Sex change status or Sexual orientation;
  • Religion or philosophical belief;
  • Political belief;
  • Trade union activity or
  • Age

The Company's policy is to:

  • Eliminate, as far as is reasonably possible, discrimination and harassment from the workplace;
  • Encourage all its employees to take an active role against all forms of discrimination and
  • Deter employees from participating in discriminatory behaviour or harassment;
  • Demonstrate to all employees that they can rely upon the Company's support in cases of
    discrimination or harassment at work.

The Company is fully committed to providing a good and harmonious working environment that offers equal treatment and equal opportunities for all employees and where every employee is treated with respect and dignity. The Company's aim is that remuneration, recruitment, promotion and retention should not be affected by irrelevant considerations and stereotyping.

The Company recognises that the provision of equal opportunities in the workplace is not only good management practice; it also makes sound business sense. The Company's equal opportunities policy will help all employees develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.

Whilst the Company recognises that the overall responsibility for the effective operation of this policy lies with the Board of Directors, all employees, whatever their position within the Company, have some measure of responsibility for ensuring its effective implementation in their day to day activities and working relationships with colleagues.

Employees should ensure that:

  • They co-operate with any measures introduced to develop equal opportunities;
  • They respect the sensitivities of others;
  • They refrain from taking discriminatory actions or decisions which are contrary to either the letter or spirit of this policy and, for employees of managerial status, that they ensure that those who report o them also comply with the policy;
  • They do not instruct, induce, or attempt to induce or pressurise other employees to act in breach of
    this policy;
  • Employees who make complaints of breaches of this policy are treated fairly and responsively both
    when the complaint is made and thereafter.

Breaches of the Company's equal opportunities policy and procedures and any unfair or unlawful discrimination will not be tolerated and will be dealt with under the Group's disciplinary procedures. In serious cases, this could lead to dismissal of the relevant individual. The policy shall also apply to employees of contractors working at the Company's premises.

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