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Waste Types

GSH Waste Recycling's Waste Transfer Station is an environment agency licensed facility and as such is only licensed to accept certain waste types. Most waste types produced by residential, commercial and industrial customers can be accepted including:

  • /media/services/library/waste7.jpgWood
  • Metals
  • Bricks, Concrete, Tiles & Ceramics
  • Soils & Sand
  • Mixed construction waste
  • Garden Waste
  • Mixed domestic type waste
  • Paper & Cardboard
  • Glass
  • Packaging, Textiles
  • Plastic
  • Plasterboard and Gypsum waste  -  Must be disposed of in it own allocated skip and not mixed in with other waste to avoid contamination  


These acceptable waste types can either be segregated or mixed in the same skip for GSH to pre-treat, separate and recycle at our specialised facility.

There are however a number of materials that cannot be placed in our skips due to legislation or their hazardous nature. If these items are identified prior to collection they will be removed or if identified after collection then these will be returned after being quarantined and documented for the environment agency and a charge maybe levied for the processing and return of these items.

/media/services/library/rubbish.jpgThese include:

  • Asbestos
  • Fridges, Freezers, Air-Conditioning units
  • Tyres
  • Electrical Appliances (WEEE)
  • Batteries
  • Medical Waste
  • Fluorescent Light tubes
  • Paints (including residues inside paint cans) and solvents
  • Aerosols and gas canisters
  • Liquids
  • Oil, fuel and other automotive fluids
  • Hazardous/ Toxic Waste

We still may be able to dispose of these items for you, for further information contact us for advice.

Recycled Baled Cardboard

Fully compliant and sustainable baled cardboard recycling solutions for business.

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Baled Cardboard

Recycled Baled Clear Film

We produce clear film and jazz bales for use in new manufacturing processes and export across the world.

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Baled Clear Film

Recycled Baled HD/PP

We recover, segregate and recycle a variety of plastic material, including HD & PP in bales.

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Baled HD/PP

Recycled Baled UPVC

Efficient, cost effective recycling of valuable waste material including baled UPVC & low grade plastics.

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Baled UPVC
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